Questions & Answers, What You Absolutely MUST Know Before Filing for Bankruptcy in Colorado, is an eBook offered as a Public Service to those who are experiencing extreme financial difficulties and need to know what their options are.  In today's economy, more and more good, hard-working Coloradans are finding themselves in a situation they never thought possible, whether it's due to a lack of work, divorce, medical problems, or just the general state of the economy today.
The main purpose of the bankruptcy laws is to help good people get a fresh start by eliminating the crushing burden of excessive debt.

I hope this eBook helps you understand your options.

- Bob Doig
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My office is a debt relief agency.  I help people file for protection under the bankruptcy laws.


What You Absolutely MUST Know Before Filing For Bankruptcy in Colorado

By Colorado Springs Attorney Bob Doig

Here's What You'll Learn:

What Is Bankruptcy?

What Can Bankruptcy Do For You?

What Bankruptcy Can Not Do For You.

What Will Happen to Your Home and Car if You File for Bankruptcy?

Can You Own Anything After Bankruptcy?

Will You Have to go to Court?

Will Bankruptcy Affect Your Credit?

What is the "Means Test"?

What is a Meeting of Creditors?

What Happens After You File Your Bankruptcy Case?

Who Has Access to Your Bankruptcy File?

Plus Much Much More . . .